Gidhwa Parsada


1. Providing Safe Habitat for Local and Foreign Birds: The primary objective of establishing the Gidhwa Parsada Bird Sanctuary is to create a secure and nurturing environment for both local and migratory bird species. By designating the area as a sanctuary, it aims to protect and preserve the natural habitats essential for the survival and well-being of various avian populations. The sanctuary will serve as a haven, free from disturbances such as habitat destruction and hunting, ensuring the continued existence of these birds and promoting biodiversity conservation.

2. Creating Public Awareness Towards Birds: Another crucial objective of the bird sanctuary is to raise public awareness about the importance of birds and their significance in maintaining ecological balance. Through educational programs, workshops, and interactive experiences, the sanctuary endeavors to engage visitors and local communities in understanding the ecological roles played by birds. By fostering appreciation and knowledge of avian species, the sanctuary aims to promote a sense of responsibility and support for bird conservation efforts among the public.

3. Providing Employment Opportunities to Local Youth through Bird Conservation and Eco-Tourism: The establishment of the Gidhwa Parsada Bird Sanctuary seeks to benefit the local communities by generating employment opportunities, particularly for the youth. Sustainable bird conservation practices, such as monitoring and protection of nesting sites, bird banding, and habitat restoration projects, can create job prospects for skilled individuals passionate about avian welfare. Additionally, eco-tourism initiatives within the sanctuary can further contribute to local livelihoods by attracting tourists and birdwatchers, stimulating the hospitality and service sectors. For the development of Gidhwa-Parsada bird sanctuary area, bird habitat development work, weed eradication, expansion of pastures and aquatic plants, tree plantation work is in progress along with Gidhwa and Parsada, along with construction of platform, pagoda and other construction work is being done for bird watching. Honorable Chief Minister Ch. In compliance of the announcement of the government, it is proposed to construct an international level Bird Interpretation cum Training Center in Gidhwa village.

4. Efforts are being made to include this area in the Ramsar site in the future due to the presence of a large number of local and foreign birds and the availability of suitable wetlands for them.